Buy us a coffee! Set up a $5 donation each month to keep community journalism alive!
Buy us a coffee! Set up a $5 donation each month to keep community journalism alive!
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Thursday June 20th 2024

2015 is The Alley Newspaper”'s 40th Year and you can help it to be the best year yet!

Who would have imagined back in 1975, The Alley Newspaper would still be exploring and growing into its vital purpose of serving as a community- governed media source today?  But here we are, thanks to all of you”“readers, writers, and advertisers. 

Help with opinions.

But, in staying true to our mission, we are not yet done exploring our purpose. The leadership of Alley Communications, publisher of The Alley Newspaper, seeks assistance imagining what the future of the organization may hold and how to sustain The Alley Newspaper. They are planning to spend the year convening some of the readers, writers and contributors into listening and brainstorming circles.  As the format for delivering news changes in this new era of technology, how might The Alley stay flexible and current while continuing to reflect the authentic voices and opinions of the Community?  If you would like be part of this dynamic conversation, please email or call 612-990-4022. 

At the end of 2015, The Alley plans to share what has been learned and to celebrate the 40 years of this vibrant community-news source.  Watch for details.

Help with support of money.

In the meantime, please make a financial contribution to The Alley Newspaper to support a financially strong 40th year.  Aid in propelling the newspaper into a future where Alley Communications will continue to provide an essential venue for the many amazing community voices that are heard throughout the year! 

Any and all financial contributions matter beginning with $5 on up!  Each contribution is valued, not just for the dollar amount, but for the vote of support it represents. We are counting on you to help keep The Alley Newspaper a “free” community newspaper filled with photos, opinions, stories, news and views that YOU submit.  Contribute today!  Send your tax deductible donation to Alley Communications, PO Box 7006, Mpls., MN 55407 or submit online at

The Alley Newspaper is pleased to announce a few exciting events coming soon!

”¢  In January, a new literary magazine called “Phoenix of Phillips” published by St. Paul”'s Church will be available for sale at the magazine”'s Opening Celebration, January 29, 2015, at the Midtown Global Market.

”¢  Next up, Alley Communications will publish collected “Tales from Pioneers and Soldiers Cemetery” by Sue Hunter Weir.

Finally, in the works is a pamphlet describing several key, historical, social justice events in Phillips Community and their correlation to the writing and speeches of abolitionist, Wendell Phillips.  This pamphlet will contain text by Harvey M. Winje, Susan Gust and cartoons by Dave Moore and Linnea Hadaway with the valuable editorial  assistance of Jim Stewart.  The pamphlet is derived from a book titled An Arrow to the Future: the Legacy of Wendell Phillips, an anthology of lectures from the 2011 Wendell Phillips Bi-Centennial Symposium. This book will become the 20th in a series called “Abolition and Anti-Slavery in the Atlantic World” published by Louisiana State University Press.

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