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Monday July 15th 2024

Frank Reflections-March 2015

By Frank Erickson

“Prove to me that sarcasm and ridicule are unjustifiable if they break the crust of prejudice, roused a conscience or shammed a sinner! Our aim is to alter public opinion.” …Wendell Phillips

I wonder how often Wendell Phillips used sarcasm and ridicule to change the behaviors of loved ones or co-workers, and if he did use it, how well it worked.

They have a “fighting season” in Afganistan that goes from spring to fall. Every year for the past fifteen years both “sides” have taken a break from the fighting for five months during the harsh winter months. For as long as the “war” has been going on, that”'s a total of 75 months, just over six years. If a 15 year “war” can have six years of no “warring”””is that not evidence that they can stop fighting?

I”'m not quite sure what is more disturbing, a man being burned alive in a cage, or millions of people flocking to theaters to be entertained by a “sniper” who is justified in gunning down 140 Iraqis from nothing more than being of “military age.” Chris Kyle creates his enemy by shooting at his enemy, What more does Clint Eastwood have to work with?

Iraqis must be confused- “They tell us the war was wrong, but then they love to be entertained by movies of Iraqis getting slaughtered. What are we are believe?”

We are told to see “American Sniper,” it shows how “horrible war is” ”“ is that what that war was “a war,” and not an attack upon a defenseless country, is it “war” that is bad and not those that “start” them? And for those who believe Kyle was justified because it was a “war” ”“ do you believe you can get “war” from nothing more than not doing “war crimes?”

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