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Tuesday July 16th 2024

Our Planet Spins

By Peter Molenaar

Numerous Ward 9 activists will recall the elongated moment which delivered the DFL endorsement to Alondra Cano on her initial bid for a City Council seat. The democratic spirit had prevailed in recognition of her competence”¦or so it seemed.
Ty Moore and the Socialist Alternative were then determined to mount a vigorous challenge. Note: The local Communists wondered why a “socialist” would oppose the ascendancy of a progressive Mexican-American. Moreover, Ty”'s call for a $15/hour minimum wage appeared (at the time) as “easier said than done,” to put it mildly.
But things change.
On February 16th of this year, it was Ty who held center stage, with Alondra as his guest. Well over 100 activists had gathered at the United Labor Centre for a “$15 now” rally. In turn, Alondra spoke of her family background and then, speaking directly to the master of ceremonies , she reconciled the past and committed her support.
As for the veracity of “$15 now,” the slogan was key to the election of Kshama Sawat to the Seattle City Council. Kshama, a Socialist Alternative economist, then used her seat to spearhead a successful movement. However, an on-line look reveals that Seattle”'s $15 will be phased in over time, in accord with various formulas.
Regarding formulas, remember the slogan: WORKERS AND OPPRESSED PEOPLE UNITE!
Thoughtful people realize that our inner-city streets are lined with store-fronts which reflect marginalized communities. Knowing that an increase in the minimum wage would increase income and sales tax revenue to the state, a tax reform which favors small business would then be in order. Erstwhile revolutionists shouldn”'t gloss over this aspect of the question.
Nonetheless, the Socialist Alternative has set the stage. Seattle points the way. And yes, it was nice to see Ty and Alondra get along. Together they might lift the bottom up, and elevate us all.

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