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Thursday May 23rd 2024

Frank Reflections: Transference of guilt: right or wrong?

By Frank Erickson

Abdisalam Adam is a public school teacher and iman from St. Paul and a model for how the White House and U.S. law enforcement hope to avoid an American version of the Charlie Hebdo attack in Paris.”””Washington Post

It is amazing that they don”'t see the racism in their approach””that they connect the Paris killings to the Twin Cities, not from evidence that someone was planning such an attack, but from Minnesota having the largest U.S. population of Somali-Americans.  That or Somali Community could produce such an attack based on religion and skin color and not on evidence that anyone is planning to use violence.

In a chilling headline, “The time has come for Minnesota Somalis” ”“ he Star Tribune puts the entire Somali Community on trial, on the hot seat.  They must see this as acceptable since local analyst Jamal Abdulahi wrote the editorial.

The editorial had a photo of a Al-Shabab video threatening the Mall of America.  Abdulahi says, “The threat on MOA presents a moment of clarity for Minnesota”'s Somali-Americans.”Â  Yes, it does, if you are a local Somali-American be clear that the threat to the mall may be connected to you, even if you had nothing to do with it.

This is why a group of Somali-Americans took a trip to the MOA just after the threat to eat, shop, and enjoy the mall; to make a statement that they only want to enjoy and shop at the mall like many other Minnesota citizens.  It is sad tha they felt the need to do this, but it probably was a good idea.

Is not the revenge attacks upon the police officers in Ferguson and Staten Island who had nothing to do with the killing of the two Black victims the same approach as killing thousands of Taliban soldiers who had nothing to do with 911?

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