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Sunday May 19th 2024

Cut Worms And Radishes

By Peter Molenaar

“Cut worms” are members of the largest family in the Lepidoptera, i.e., they are larvae of a moth.  It was not a rabbit which murdered your tender young tomato, it was the devil incarnate.

Behold the innocent one, plump and curled in the form of a C beneath the severed plant.  What role in nature did its ancestors play?  What Karmic consequences might ensue should you destroy it?

In this matter, I choose to honor my Christian grandmother.  Straighten the “worm” between thumbs and forefingers, meditate briefly, then pop it in two.

On the other hand, experienced gardeners will follow mitigating steps:  1.) weed and rake the garden clean before turning the soil in late autumn, 2.) turn the soil again come spring, 3.) plant a trap crop.

Who can eat a hundred radishes?  Plant them in April, weeks before setting out expensive transplants.  A few fallen radishes will reveal the whereabouts”¦

Hmmm”¦philosophical notes:

The universe evolves formation and exists in constant motion as a consequence of interpenetrating opposing forces (everything is self-contradictory).

External factors are merely the conditions, internal contradictions are the basis of change.

The accumulation of external factors (quantitative change) at some point alters the relative dominance of aspects within a contradiction, thereby inducing qualitative “leaps”.

Capitalism is self-contradictory (unjust, unstable, unsustainable) but contains the seeds of socialism.

We are presently in a quantitative phase of the revolutionary process (we are not yet in a revolutionary situation).

Given the relationship of forces in this country, the threat of fascism does exist.

The forces which revolve around the Republican Party must be blocked and stymied.

Social Democrats such as Bernie Sanders should not be castigated as “sheep dogs,” nor should liberal-centrists such as Hillary Clinton be summarily dismissed as the “lesser of two evils.”

“Bourgeois-democracy” (domination by capitalists) must be replaced by a “peoples-democracy”¦”

Mother Earth is now dangerously impatient.

From all of the above, it follows: We must learn to turn the soil twice and plant an early crop of radishes.

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