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Wednesday June 12th 2024

Frank Reflections

By Frank Erickson

100 years ago White men who lynched Black men went off to fight “wars” to defend themselves and their country against aggression.

But these White men should not have been left alive to kill anyonein “war”””since they should have been killed for being terrorists by the people they were terrorizing.  Yet those who opposed lynching 100 years ago did not have the violent capacity to have a “War on Terror” against the White racists.

So goes the slippery slope of claiming your right to defend yourself using violence””It is your capacity to use violence that rules the day, not your justification.

There is a long back and forth history of violence used by members of an exclusive club who commit acts of aggression but then have the capacity to use violence based on their claims of defending themselves””example, U.S. Drone attacks.

The U.S. Government will imit air strikes on ISIL if near civilians, but the box office susscess of”merican Sniper” shows that the U.S. is entertained by the slaughter of Iraqis, rather than concerned about it.

Defense Secretary Ashton Carter said the Iraqi military has “no will to fight”.  The U.S. needs to do its own dirty work if it wants to control central Iraq.  The imperialists in Washington are frustrated that ISIL is better at illegally attacking and controlling Iraq than they are.

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