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Sunday May 19th 2024

Franklin Learning Center Stories

The city in 2065


FLC Student working with Tutor Joan

City will be a most beautiful city. They will build a new model. The government will hire more security. The people will live in suburbs; government people will live in the cities ”“ machines will clean the cities. It will be paradise.

Learning English.


My name is Amina Ahmed. I am a student in the Franklin Learning Center. I learn math and English reading and writing. When I came in the library, I didn”'t speak English or read or write. Now I can speak English well, and read and write well. I like Franklin library center because of the improvement to my English reading and writing. Thank you tutors and staff.

My Cousin


My cousin, Ahmed, came to the United States in 2005. He is a very hard worker, but he didn”'t know the United States. He worked for six months in a factory. The factory made meat. My cousin came to work one day and his boss sent him to do the washing. While he was washing my cousin burned his hand. After that he called us. He talked to his uncle and he said, “If I knew American life I would not have come. I quit my job now. I am taking driver”'s lessons, will you help me?” His uncle laughed at him and said, “My nephew, do you remember when you said to me to send money? I said to you I didn”'t have money. You got mad at me. You didn”'t believe me, but you believe me today.” My cousin said, “Yes, that is true my uncle. Sorry about that. I didn”'t believe that someone in America didn”'t have money. I have more experience now.” My uncle said, “Come back to me and I will help you, if Allah accepts me. You will feel better.” After six months my cousin got a driver”'s license and he became a truck driver. Now he has money and is a businessman.

Franklin Ave.

Today in early morning I was coming back from work and was It was snowing so hard that I could hardly see the road. After I parked my car at home and got out, I froze in amazement how beautiful it was outside. Snow covered roads, and parked cars. Tree branches were covered with white and reflection from the lights made them bright and shiny. Streets empty of people and moving cars were quiet and peaceful. Light snow was covering me and everything around me, making me forget my hard day work. Then I realized how much I miss this amazing time of year.

Feeling Proud


One time when I felt proud of myself was when I recommended good education to my sister.  She didn”'t like school and learning from books.  She only cooked and stayed home.  I encouraged her to like education.  When I gave her the recommendation, she told me, “I am young, I have time to learn.”Â  Finally, when she was 17 years old, she took my recommendation and she came back to school.  She succeeded at her education and I was happy.

When I was Young


My friend and I went to the beach.  Usually we went after lunch, but one day we went before lunch.  We saw the big waves go back.  My friend said, “Let”'s go and see that ship, how it looks inside.  I heard it has beautiful places and special food.”Â  I said okay.  The water was below our knees.  When we reached the middle of distance, we saw a big wave which was about ten feet high.  My friend said, “Today is our last day in the world!”Â  She didn”'t know how to swim.  I knew how.  I said, “Grab my legs.”Â  She refused and grabbed my neck.  Both of us were in a serious condition.  Fortunately, an old man saw us and helped us escape from our trouble.

My Story


My name is Adio. I am from Mogadhisu, Somalia, but I am an American now. I came to American in 199 with my friend and her daughter. I came without any English. In my house in Mogadishu, I did not see any cockroaches or mice. In my first house in Brideport, Connecticut, I saw both cockroaches and mice. I did not believe I was in America. I came to Minneapolis in 2001. I am learning English. I like Franklin Learning Center. The staff are friendly, helpful, and encouraging. I live in a nice, clean building. No cockroaches or mice. I believe I live in America. Thank you everyone.

The Two People are Puppets


I saw some puppets on the way to the learning center on Saturday. They were characters on the street near Holiday gas station. One was green and the other one was pink. The green one reminded me of John Deere. I want to leave class and go watch the puppets.


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