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Saturday March 2nd 2024

You May Blame Me

By Peter Molenaar

Vikings vs. Seahawks”¦

I”'ve been a Vikings fan from day one, as I am Minnesota born (1950) and relate with co-workers whose spirits are bound to the team”'s success. No, I do not endorse the “ultra-left” opinion that we should support the Green Bay Packers, merely because their organization does not conform with the NFL ruling class elite.  After all, come the revolution, the whole of professional sports will be socialized, i.e., owned by the whole people.

So”¦okay, he missed!

Hooray for the school children who have embraced Blair Walsh. Evidently, the historically atrophied portion of brain associated with empathy and compassion is on the mend. Possibly, we have a come-back in the making.

So, rejoice!

On the other hand, there were many hate filled tweets from spoiled adults.  Should we not consider our collective responsibility for the errant kick?  As I recall the critical sequence, admittedly my mind was anxiously flashing forward to the ensuing kick-off and the ultimate hail-Mary.  I suggest we were all guilty of a big-time failure to focus the power of prayer on the task then at hand.

Note:  Brain waves are a material force.

Similarly, in the arena of presidential politics, let”'s not kick the ball wide-left.   Bernie Sanders does not pose a great leap forward for us masses, but he does pose an important giant step.  Focus and then caucus under his name, please.

Meanwhile, feel free to blame me if that helps.

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