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Saturday May 18th 2024

The snake and our nurses

By Peter Molenaar

Not so long ago, the ancient ”˜black snake”' prophecy was linked to the construction of railways. However, recent ceremonies have sifted through the prophecies to reveal that the snake goes underground. In these modern times, millions of settler descendants are coming to know the truth as well. Should the black snake cross the land, the world will come to an end.


The fracking fields of the Bakken will be short-lived”¦leaving all the pipes as “stranded assets” to waste beneath the ground.

The Standing Rock Lakota are determined to prevent the Dakota Access Pipe Line from crossing, just upstream, beneath the Missouri River. No, they were not consulted, as per “the law,” but were subjected to pepper spray and dogs.

September 11, 2016”¦.

The MN350 people hosted a fundraising event in the amphitheater of the Minneapolis American Indian Center. They said to us: “Leave it in the ground.” Then, to our brothers of the pipe fitter”'s union they said: “We call for a just transition to a post-fossil fuel society.”


Long red-clad picket lines of Minnesota nurses have brightened up this neighborhood. Hey, “Allina Health” is willing to spend millions of dollars on replacement nurses, actually tens of millions beyond the relative pittance they would save, were our nurses to consent to diminished healthcare for themselves. Clearly, we are witness to a corporate power-play, with union busting in mind.

So, every worker, relatively well paid or not, has an interest in supporting the nurses strike. Listen, corporate bullies, do not step on the professional care giving “mothers” who labor in care of us.

Similarly, every worker of any race or nationality, has an interest in supporting the Standing Rock resistance. After all, Native Americans are front and center, in the struggle to save Mother Earth.

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