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Saturday March 2nd 2024

Frank Reflections


Here is how the process works. State lawmakers get to the Capitol by being elected. Then, they get a 45 per cent pay raise $31,000.00 to $45,000.00 from an independent Council created by “voter approved Constitutional amendment.”

Interesting how they allow us to vote on a constitutional amendment to give a raise to themselves and that the vote is seen as a fair and justifiable approach; but refuse us the opportunity to vote on a liveable wage. For some reason a voter-approved amendment is enough for themselves to get a raise, but not enough for a liveable wage for their voters.

They need to stop playing games at the Capitol and do their job, giving access to democracy to everyone.

They just get voted into office, vote to get themselves a raise, and create “laws” that block any chance of low-income people getting a liveable wage. They deny us access for a liveable wage, but then use democracy to give themselves a huge raise! It is so wrong, I had to write it twice to see what I what missing. No! I”'m not missing anything! It is so obvious it almost makes a person think they must misunderstand it. It is blatantly wrong!

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