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Monday May 20th 2024

Project Earth

By Peter Molenaar

March 8, 2017”¦

(Note: DAPL refers to Dakota Access Pipeline.)

The Walker Community United Methodist Church continues to showcase our resilience, this time beckoning a “Café con Alondra.” The forum was to feature a panel of #NoDAPL veterans, fresh from the Battle of Standing Rock. Alondra Cano”'s presence was appreciated as well.

As it happened, audience members were invited to state their concerns. By what path will we transition to the post-fossil-fuel society? Will an intervening crisis ensue? Does the slogan – “Workers and oppressed people unite” still hold true?

Clearly, the assembled Native-American voice now serves as our spiritual intermediary to Mother Earth. Yet, Trump supporters have shouted: “How will that oil get to you without the pipeline?” Well, listen up. The oil in question has been shipped by train all along. Why would you support the ambitions of one sector of capital over another? Why would you heap another brutal round of oppression upon the great heap of historical oppression?

There was one panelist with a pale face like mine. Patty is a tireless and talented activist. However, her observation that “Market forces” are delivering us from fossil fuels too slowly was too meekly put.

Actually, the expression “market forces” is a euphemism for capitalism, i.e. capitalists and the profit motive. Thus, we are witness to the pivot from coal to natural gas, not because we have a “Clean Power Plan” but because fracking renders the gas cheap. But where is the real plan to save humanity and the viability of our planet?

Smile, please. Someday soon, a person like Patty will be elected president with a new assignment for NASA. Call it: PROJECT EARTH.

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