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Tuesday May 21st 2024

Frank Reflections – June 2017


I asked Minneapolis City Attorney Susan Segal about these rising rent costs in the Twin Cities.  Her response was, “the rising costs of rent are based on what the market will bear.”

How absurd and cruel to believe that the payment of an ever increasing rental amount is an affordable and “bearable” amount—simply because it was paid. Many of us renters will cut back on food, medical care, and turning on the heat because the money is needed for a higher rent.

Even if they can”'t afford it, renters will find a way to pay rent; the roof over your head always comes first.  But even if you go hungry, the paying of your rent is seen as what “the market will bear.”Â  Capitalism is beyond sick, it allows humans to not be human”¦ “I”'m not greedy or wicked it is what the market will bear.”

Landlords hold renters hostage.  Hey all raise their rents simultaneously to a “market value” rent. Where are renters to go?  There is no place to go.  They practice collusion, they band together, and you pay the “market value” extortion rate or live under a bridge.

If you don”'t pay, the sheriff will help you move out.  If you pay, you have participated in establishing the new “market value” rate.   What are you to do?  They”'ve got you! You”'re screwed either way!

We renters have no rights. We are just seen as cash machines for the landlords; seen as less than human.

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