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Wednesday June 12th 2024

REPAVING Franklin Avenue between South 16th and 21st Avenues, Includes intersections of Franklin, Cedar and Minnehaha Avenues

Hennepin County is making improvements to and repaving Franklin Avenue (County Road 5) between South 16th and South 21st avenues. This includes the high volume intersection of Franklin and Cedar avenues, which is immediately adjacent to the intersection of Franklin and Minnehaha avenues.

Stan Lim

Phone: 612-282-3609

Current work and timeline

Work beginning week of May 15

Temporary signals were installed the week of May 15 at the intersection of Franklin Avenue and Cedar Avenue (County Road 152).  Crews will be working on various activities around the site, including at the intersection with Minnehaha Avenue. After the various improvements are made around the area, crews will then repave the road in the area.

Most of the initial work will be happening outside of the roadway, but there will be traffic control measures in place. As a result, motorists and commuters in the area should prepare for some traffic impacts and delays.

When complete in fall 2017, there will be a better driving surface, new turn lanes, improved north-south bike and pedestrian movements, updated curbs and gutter, and adjusted signal timing.

Project background

This segment of Franklin Avenue (County Road 5) is a high crash area, where there are many conflicts between vehicles, bicycles and pedestrians. Existing traffic operations also appear to be close to capacity.

Current funding allows for the area to be repaved in 2016. There are also supplemental county funds that may be available to make limited improvements to the area.

Hennepin County has been a part of a number of conversations with community members and various stakeholder groups regarding this intersection. The county has also collected input at various community events

No decisions have been made to date. Some of the improvements that have been discussed with stakeholders and the community include:

Closing Minnehaha Avenue north of Franklin Avenue

Removing the traffic signal at Franklin and Minnehaha avenues

Creating a southbound left turn lane from Cedar Avenue to East 22nd Street

Other considerations include:

Aligning bike lanes on Franklin Avenue

Improving north-south bike and pedestrian movements

Improving left-turn operations from Franklin Avenue to Cedar Avenue

Connecting with the recently developed NACDI Anpetu Wa”'ste Cultural Arts Marketplace

Adjusting traffic signal timing

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