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Monday July 15th 2024

News in Yemen vastly underreported


Recently, the New York Times in its Sunday Review section reported the Saudi war in Yemen in the last three years has caused 85,000 children to die from the bombardment or from starvation. 

What”'s more, the article goes further by saying Americans”' tax dollars are helping not only to fund the war, but is helping to starve tens of thousands of men, women and children and displaced thousands of  others. The United Nations is saying the famine in Yemen is likely to be the worst famine in a generation.

There is plenty of blood on the hands of the United States which both the Obama and Trump administrations support the Saudis”' war in Yemen. One wouldn”'t know how severe the famine is if the white Fourth Estate, social media, ignores most of the coverage in Yemen. One has to rely on Amy Goodman”'s  Democracy Now” or Ron Edward”'s “Black Focus,” or the likes of independent news outlets to get much more honest news not only abroad but local and national news. It is shameful how America  continues involve itself in someone else”'s business leaving count- less casualties. Make no mistake about it: all of this will backfire.

I believe in life, from womb to tomb; One of the seven things Our Lord hates is “shedding innocent blood” (Proverbs 6:16-19) and that includes abortion.

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