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Friday July 19th 2024

Peace on Earth”¦ 2040

Raise Your Voice


Commendable activists from this community recently invested hours of engagement with our city”'s planning process. The “2040 Plan” attempts to envision beyond the immediate future, and certainly reflects more than just the question of neighborhood housing density. Importantly, as well, 2040 intends to ameliorate climate change with infrastructure adjustments. Frankly, in this endeavor, “we the people” of Minneapolis are light-years ahead of our nation”'s ruling party.

Case in point, Star Tribune, Nov. 15:

“The United States has lost its military edge to a dangerous degree and could potentially lose a war against China or Russia [!!!]”¦ The panel argued that despite a $716 billion defense budget this year, which is four times that of China and more than 10 times that of Russia”¦ it is recommended that Congress lift budget caps on defense spending [!!!].”

Feel free to draw your own conclusions. To which I will add: Even as this mind-numbing propaganda renders true democracy impossible, and even as rising oceans will soon enough inundate our coastal cities, and even as the Republican Party”'s trillion dollar tax scam giveaway to the billionaire class will ultimately trash our Social Security, and even as Trump”'s energy department defers to the vacillations of private capital in opposition to a program of federal investments which might actually extend our existence into the post fossil fuel world to come”¦ we should do what???

Some yet wave a glimmering light”¦

The blue wave, no not perfect in every facet of its being, but no, not the little-boy men who smother you while groping, and no, not the humorists casting smiles about front row seats at lynchings, but yes, the anti-fascist blue wave has begun to swell and gain momentum. These are the decent folk, who in the event of capitalism”'s collapse will either 1.) sit it out, or 2.) actually participate on our side, or 3.) assist in the construction of socialism after the dust has settled. Such is the nature of the Popular Front.

(Note to the peace movement: Congresswoman Betty McCollum now has oversight of military appropriations”¦ request an itemization of expenditures for each of the 800-plus overseas military bases.)

Peace and goodwill by 2040, please.

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