Thursday September 29th 2022

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Alley Communications* and its ”˜Alley cat”' landing on its feet!

Tesha M. Christensen Meet The Alley newspaper Interim Board members. These volunteers are working to shape the future of The Alley. Back, left to right: Sunshine Sevigny, Steve Dreyer, Thorbjorn Adam, and Gabriel Pass. Front: Lee Leichentritt, Cathy Strobel-Ayres (president), Lindsey Fenner, and Francis Mendenhall. Not pictured: Steve Sundberg and Harvey Winje. Want to join? Email

  • Optimism and enthusiasm of the Interim Board, Editorial Leadership Committee, and new Coordinator are striving to with good energy to assume productive roles.
  • Planning will begin for a public Gathering of Alley readers and stakeholders.
  • Editorial Leadership Committee is being formed to assure the many voices and cultural ways of knowing are represented within The Alley Newspaper.

*Alley Communications is the 501C3 non-profit. There are plenty of ways the organization can grow and learn to be an effective communication tool of the community. Send us an email with your ideas: org or call Harvey, 612-990-4022.

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