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Saturday February 24th 2024

Alley Communications* and its ”˜Alley cat”™ landing on its feet!

Tesha M. Christensen Meet The Alley newspaper Interim Board members. These volunteers are working to shape the future of The Alley. Back, left to right: Sunshine Sevigny, Steve Dreyer, Thorbjorn Adam, and Gabriel Pass. Front: Lee Leichentritt, Cathy Strobel-Ayres (president), Lindsey Fenner, and Francis Mendenhall. Not pictured: Steve Sundberg and Harvey Winje. Want to join? Email

  • Optimism and enthusiasm of the Interim Board, Editorial Leadership Committee, and new Coordinator are striving to with good energy to assume productive roles.
  • Planning will begin for a public Gathering of Alley readers and stakeholders.
  • Editorial Leadership Committee is being formed to assure the many voices and cultural ways of knowing are represented within The Alley Newspaper.

*Alley Communications is the 501C3 non-profit. There are plenty of ways the organization can grow and learn to be an effective communication tool of the community. Send us an email with your ideas: org.

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