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Sunday May 19th 2024

”˜Kids can”'t wait”' says Phillips childcare owner Nasro Abshir

Local business owner Nasro Abshir of Family First Choice Childcare (2617 Bloomington Ave. S.) went to the Minnesota Capitol on Feb. 14, 2019 to lead a conversation with the Kids Can”'t Wait Coalition and Kids Count On Us.

“We are so lucky to have Lt Governor and Governor who are prioritizing kids and families,” said Abshir. “We heard amazing stories from providers and parents directly impacted by the childcare crisis. We heard how much of a positive impact the Childcare Assistance Program has had on kids and families. We also heard about the devastating impact losing CCAP [and] being on the waitlist can have.”

She is grateful to Governor Tim Walz and Lt. Governor Peggy Flanagan for their leadership and commitment to kids and families.

Abshir has been in the childcare world most of her life, whether it was attending childcare as a child while her mom worked 2-3 different jobs or when she started her first babysitting business at 12 years old. 

“Now, as a provider serving lower-income families it”'s a struggle,” said Abshir. “It”'s a struggle because we are a highly regulated industry. It”'s hard to find qualified committed staff. We are overworked and underpaid in an industry that is not valued because its considered ”˜women”'s work.”'  

“I believe that early education is a basic human right. 

“We have the second highest education gap in the country and that”'s because our children begin kindergarten so far behind that they never catch up. That”'s why I go to the Capital. 

“I am fighting for my kids and what they deserve. The kids at my center get to experience new opportunities like going to sports events, theatres, museums, and even police and fire stations. These might seem like simple ordinary things but to my kids, they are mind blown. They are surrounded by kids and staff that look like themselves and creates a sense of being home. Being able to have memories and experiences does wonder for a child”'s self-esteem.”

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