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Sunday March 3rd 2024

People & Pets: free shelf for pets


Hard times call for inventive measures, sometimes so simple you wonder why you didn”'t think of it. For instance, People & Pets Together (, a monthly free shelf helping pet owners make ends meet. There”'s also a veterinary assistance program as well as other offerings to look after pet health.

Minnesota”'s only such operation, it provides, along with enough food to last 30 days, such supplies as carriers, litter, bowls and toys. Principally serving South Minneapolis, no one is turned away.  If you live outside the area, you can still make a one-time visit.  

The idea is to do what they can to help families fend for their little, four-legged (or winged) loved ones.  

“We know pets are family”, says the People & Pets Together brochure. “We help families stay together. Pets help people live happier, healthier lives. By supporting the relationships people have with their pets [we hope] to improve the health of our communities.”

Altruism is no shield against today”'s economy.

Accordingly, People & Pets Together have lost their lease and must move by next year.  Meanwhile, the door stays open and tax deductible donations are welcome.  Contact or People & Pets Together, 3750 Bloomington Ave., Minneapolis, MN 55407

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