Wednesday July 6th 2022

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Raise Your Voice – More War Won”™t Work

Peter Molenaar


Not long ago, I woke to the news of assassination”¦ head swimming with visions of missile launches to and fro, skyrocketing oil prices, etc., etc. A quick study of relevant history commenced, before and after a trip to 4200 Cedar Avenue, where a consultation with WAMM (Women Against Military Madness) took place.

Minnesota”™s leadership was bound to speak as well. Our own brave light, Ilhan Omar, stated: “Sending teenagers to die, or to return with lifelong wounds is not what it means to carry out our oath of office to protect the American people.”

From across the river, Congresswoman Betty McCollum stated: “President Trump”™s decision to assassinate Iranian Major General Qasem Soleimani inside Iraq will have severely negative consequences on U.S. interests around the world”¦ Further, it strengthens the Iranian regime”™s domestic hold on power”¦ Americans now know that 17 years of war in Iraq was based on a manufactured lie.”

On the other hand, Trump”™s pal Pompeo has stressed: “U.S. resolve to hold Iran accountable for its interventions [in the Middle East].” Oh, really [!!!]

Sadly, Senator Amy Klobuchar”™s echoes blamed Soleimani for “destabilizing” Iraq and Syria. Never mind his many contributions to the struggle against ISIS, yes, the ISIL which would not have formed if not for the U.S.A. invasion.


I was among those who called the Senator”™s office to point out the discrepancy, suggesting she had been ahistorical and a tad dishonest. Her staff person was very cordial. Moreover, Amy”™s email response was, I think, personal (not robotic).

So, why?

According to Adel Abdul Mahdi, Prime Minister of Iraq, Soleimani had come to mediate the showdown between Riyadh and Tehran in Yemen. Indeed, it was a peace mission intent upon addressing a dire humanitarian crisis. Such was the nature of the “imminent threat” to our “national interests””¦ a threat to Trump”™s arms sales to Saudi Arabia.

So now, the Iraqi government has asked U.S. forces to leave. “We” refused to go. But then, apart from the moral outrage leveled by the world against our nation, perhaps “We, the People” will embrace a simple slogan: More War Won”™t Work.

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