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Interview with Local Artist Noelle


Late last summer my 19 year old cat died and I was sad. I told my neighbors and their four children about it. They were sad for me. One day the young neighbors came over with something to help cheer me up. They gave me beautiful paintings of things they knew I liked: butterflies, bees, flowers. And fairies. (I had been asked the previous week if I liked fairies. I replied incredulously, “Who doesn’t like fairies?!”)

Noelle and her siblings were taking art classes online at the time – a COVID inspired pastime. Besides being very touched by their kindness, I was immensely impressed with the paintings, which then inspired this new feature in the alley highlighting young artists in our Phillips Community. Noelle’s creations that were gifted to me are featured here.

I recently sat down with Noelle at her home to ask her about her art and herself. And, I had the great fortune to see several more of Noelle’s paintings while we talked – all beautiful!

How old are you, Noelle? What grade are you in?

I’m eight years old and in 2nd grade.

Describe your art? What do you like to do primarily?

I usually do paintings and sometimes drawings.

What inspired you to start painting and drawing?

Frida Kahlo, and our friend Mac from church. He’s an artist who does comics and illustrates them.

Frida Kahlo was a Mexican artist . How did you learn about her?

My dad is from Mexico, maybe from him. Or, a book at my school Emerson.

What do you like about Frida Kahlo or her painting?

I like that she’s Mexican. And she drew herself in a mirror.

You and your family have traveled to Mexico. Have you visited Frida Kahlo’s home, the Blue House, la Casa Azul?

Not yet. I want to go. Maybe in a couple of years.

Do you have a mentor or teacher?

Miss Patty. Sometimes on video and sometimes on Zoom. She has a website.

Where do you get your ideas?

From around my house – like that plant [in the kitchen], the ukuleles [hanging on the wall], flowers, things outside. I draw me, my brothers, or sister. I like drawing people and painting them afterward.

Are there other art forms you’d like to try?

Yes, a sculpture.

What other interests do you have?

Sports – volleyball, gymnastics, basketball, and soccer.

What would you like to do when you are older?

Be a famous artist.

How lucky can I be to have such kind and talented young neighbors!? Are you also so lucky to know a young artist of any genre (visual, literature, performance, etc.) who should be highlighted in the alley? Let’s celebrate them and share the love. Contact us at

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