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Interview With Musician Andrew Naranjo


I first heard drumming emanating from Andrew’s house last year. I’ve been able to track his progress through the walls and am greatly impressed. It is clear he loves drumming! Over the four years his family has lived across the street, I’ve come to know Andrew as a very cool and interesting person. I really appreciate the breadth of his interests.

How old are you? What grade are you in?

I’m 11 and going into 6th grade.

Describe your art or interests.

Drumming and soccer.

What inspired you to take up drumming? When did you start?

I saw people doing it on music videos and at church. It looked cool, so I’m trying it out. I started a year ago. I love it. When I play drums it makes me feel happy, and you can do whatever you want.

And soccer?

There’s a soccer team at my school. I wanted to try it out starting in kindergarten. I like playing it because I have a lot of friends in it who encourage me when I’m playing. It’s fun but it’s very hard work. Soccer is over now, but we will start again when school starts. We play in Peavey Park and at my house.

Do you have a favorite place you like to practice drums?

My drum set is in the basement, so that’s where I play. We have a band with my cousin, my mom and my sister. We practice in the basement. We try to do it 2 times a week when it isn’t so busy, like with school.

Is there a type of music you like to play?

I like to play any kind of music. Rock and Pop. I like to listen to music with drums.

Do you have favorite musicians?

TobyMac and For King & Country.

And soccer?

I look up to Javier Hernández with LA Galaxy, Lionel Messi with Paris Saint-Germain F.C., and Cristiano Ronaldo with Portugal National Football Team. I watch a lot of soccer. I did a project in school on Javier Hernández.

Do you have a mentor or teacher?

For drumming I had a teacher, Mr Smith, who came to my house to teach me. Now he’s a teacher at my school in drumming. And my soccer coach is Coach Tim, one of my best friends’ dad.

What other interests do you have?

Basketball. I really like geography and history. I like learning about them because I think they are interesting.

Anything else you want to share with Alley readers?

I really like Legos. I want to be an architect. I like designing buildings with Legos. I also really like jigsaw puzzles.

Drums are the oldest and most common musical instrument humans use. It seems a natural fit that Andrew would also really like history, geography, and architecture. Add in a love of soccer and basketball, and you have a well-rounded individual like Andrew!

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