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Have You Heard the One About…

Have You Heard the  One About…

By Patrick Cabello Hansel A lawyer, a pastor and a saxophone player walked into”¦a cemetery? What”™s the punchline? You”™ll have to come to “QUITTING TIME at a Place of Endless Time,” on Saturday, September 18th at 4 pm at the historic Pioneers and Soldiers Cemetery at East Lake Street and Cedar Avenue in Minneapolis. Patrick Cabello Hansel”™s 2nd book of poetry, “Quitting Time,” is an extended elegy to his father, Walter Hansel. It engages his history from his birth into a German-speaking home in rural North Dakota, through the Great Depression, World War II, and becoming a barber and raising a family in Austin, MN. Patrick retired in 2020 after serving with his wife Luisa for 15 years at St. Paul”™s Lutheran Church in Phillips. He is the author of the poetry collection “The Devouring Land,” and his work has been published in over 70 journals. Twice nominated for a Pushcart Prize, he has received awards from the Loft Literary Center and the Minnesota State Arts Board. At the event, Patrick will read with prize-winning poets Tim Nolan and Richard Terrill. There will be live music with Larry McDonough on keyboards and Richard Terrill on sax. Books will be available for purchase and signing after the program, and there will be an optional tour of the historic cemetery. Tim Nolan is a lawyer and the author of The Field (New Rivers Press, 2016), And Then (New Rivers Press, 2012) and The Sound of It (New Rivers Press, 2008). Richard Terrill is a sax player and the author of poetry collections What Falls Away is Always, Almost Dark and Leaning Into Rachmaninoff. You can enter the cemetery on the Cedar Avenue side. Please bring a lawn chair or blanket. We will try to keep you updated on COVID restrictions, but be prepared with a mask just in case. And if you”™re not vaccinated, please do so!

Unconventional Stories from a Firebrand

Unconventional Stories from a Firebrand

Arts, No Chaser By DWIGHT HOBBES David Daniels. Photo by Mitch Olson Quintessential firebrand David Daniels is that rarity, a performance artist who, instead of self-righteously blowing hot air, actually utilizes spoken word to send messages of consequence. An auspicious debut was his play Malcolm X Meet Peter Tosh, premiering at South Minneapolis”™ Cedar Cultural Center (1993), moving to a 2-year stint in Denver (Mercury Cafe), its popularity there and at other venues starting his career off with considerable traction. He made his home here and recalls, “I feel fortunate to have been part of a rich counter-cultural Minneapolis. My time living on the West Bank and working at the New Riverside Cafe brought me into it. The West Bank was Haight-Asbury long after the Haight was just a memory for the counter-culture.  Its blend of artists activists and musicians was instrumental in the development of my work.” A partial listing of that work includes the Talkin”™ Roots and 4:20 Report CDs, I, Edgar Hoover; Black Hippie Chronicles and Kolorada”¦A Western Tale, and a week-long hit at the 1997 New York International Fringe Festival. Daniels has performed in Holland, Germany, and France, recalling “German immigrants from Ghana, Senegal and South Africa felt I  an authentic Rasta message while never denying I”™m an American. Previously, they felt American reggae artists were primarily imitating Jamaicans.” Most recently, he recorded Annie Jones (featuring Charlie Parr) at Minnehaha Studios. June 5, in the third installment of Adventures in Music and Storytelling, David Daniels, backed by Dog Circle (Marshall Obert  guitar-banjo, Aug Nubis guitar, Dhanny Boldt tabla, [...]

El Centro de Artes Semilla: ¡Fiesta de Arte!

El Centro de Artes Semilla: ¡Fiesta de Arte!

Una invitación a una fiesta: Los artistas diseñarán y crearán una actividad de arte para hacer linternas con los vecinos de Phillips en las Fiestas de Arte en coordinación con el personal de Semilla Tuvimos un año dificil el año pasado, de muchas, muchas maneras. El Covid-19, las dificultades económicas, la violencia, la adicción, la brutalidad policial, el malestar social y la falta de vivienda han aumentado el miedo y el aislamiento del vecindario. Una cosa buena que surgió de la emergencia del levantamiento el año pasado fue conocer a nuevos vecinos y cuidarse unos a otros en tiempos dificiles. Esperamos y sentimos que se acercan tiempos mejores ahora que llega la primavera. Semilla Center for Healing and the Arts tenemos una idea, ¡Una invitación! Queremos ayudar a crear mejores tiempos con nuevas conexiones, fortaleciendo las conexiones existentes y aumentando la confianza de la comunidad, utilizando arte y fiestas: ¡Fiesta de Arte! Para celebrar juntos y seguir cuidándonos unos a otros.  A partir de marzo, Semilla Center comenzó a organizar estas fiestas de arte el primer miércoles del mes, comenzando en linea mientras hace frio afuera y luego comenzaremos a reunirnos en persona al aire libre de mayo a septiembre, y mudarnos al interior en persona de octubre - noviembre. Las fiestas son un lugar para crear cosas, charlar, comer, bailar, mantener la distancia social, sonreir, celebrar, conocer vecinos, compartir información sobre dónde vivimos juntos y crear soluciones para hacer una vida más saludable y seguro vecindario, este año y muchos mas. Comenzamos haciendo linternas simples en las fiestas y encendiéndolas en nuestras ventanas y en nuestros porches todos los miércoles por la noche para recordarnos que mantenemos las luces encendidas y que estamos aqui el uno para el otro. Cualquiera en Phillips puede asistir, pero también nos estamos enfocando en un [...]

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