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Thursday June 20th 2024

Re: Letter to the Editor

Here is the promised “rebuttal” to Sam Harrison’s June letter which sought to discredit my May article entitled Peace Be With You. This May offering revealed a local connection to the war between Russia and Ukraine ($billions spent on war, even as climate change begs solutions and has induced starvation in East Africa). 

Frankly, Mr. Harrison’s dismissive tone is difficult to grapple with. He describes himself as “someone with a long academic background”, whereas, “Mr. Molenaar repeats a number of Russian talking points…all of which are refutable.” Rather wish he had troubled to refute one… am glad he is not a peace negotiator! Note: Although I placed primary blame on U.S. imperialism, I also stated: “Putin went way out of bounds to reveal his own imperial vision.”

Mr. Harrison, you have asserted that my reference to fascistic gangs in Ukraine was somehow overblown when, not so long ago, similar not so sizable gangs set fire to our own city!

Is it not now ironic that the likes of Henry Kissinger has called upon Ukraine to cede territory in the name of peace? The Crimean people have voted overwhelmingly to rejoin Russia. Right or wrong? The people of the Donbas are entitled to a U.N. supervised referendum on the question of their independence. Don’t you agree?

Peter Molenaar

Note: Peter Molenaar is a regular opinion columnist for the alley.

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