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Sunday June 23rd 2024

St. Paul’s Lutheran Church: 150th Anniversary and Still Proclaiming the Gospel

The current home of St. Paul’s Evangelical Lutheran Church is at 1901 Portland Avenue South. Built as a Presbyterian church in 1887, the building was acquired by St. Paul’s in the 1960s. The congregation has worshiped in several nearby locations throughout its 150-year history.
Credit: Photo provided by St. Paul’s Evangelical Lutheran Church

By PASTOR TOM PARRISH, current pastor of St. Paul’s

On Sunday July 10, 2022 St. Paul’s Lutheran Church at Portland Ave S and 19th Ave will be celebrating 150 years of Jesus’ faithfulness and mission. That timespan takes us back to 1872, a mere seventeen years after Minneapolis was established, and the same year St. Anthony Falls and Minneapolis merged into one city. The proximity of Fort Snelling, built in 1819, was one of the major catalysts for the establishment of the two towns and their uniting into Minneapolis.

1872 was a mere four years prior to Custer’s defeat at the Battle of the Little Bighorn. Into this mix St. Paul’s Evangelical Lutheran Church was established. Throughout those 150 years the church has had but one goal. That goal is to clearly present the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

How did St. Paul’s go about this mission? The church did the typical things most churches do in providing worship, music, education, children’s Sunday School and member care. But over those years St. Paul’s did even more. World Missions have been an important part of the church’s life in sending, supporting, and praying for hundreds of men and women who serve around the world. St. Paul’s has also been on the radio for many years under the leadership of Pastor Carrol Satre. More recently, Pastor Roland Wells has developed two inner city ministries for training students of college age and older how to teach, minister and change lives.

Today St. Paul’s is still doing inner city and worldwide ministry. Under the church’s mandate of purpose, which is “To know Jesus, to Grow in Him, to Share Him with Others,”St. Paul’s is working to share the good news of Jesus, make disciples, and help men and women with resources, counseling and support. Our goal is to continue with outreach until the day Jesus returns to this world.

You are invited to celebrate this 150th Anniversary with us on Sunday July 10th. Learn more about this unique church at

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