Friday December 9th 2022

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The End Stage



In last month’s column the question was posed: after socialization of the production of energy, what sector of the economy should be socialized next? Patience, please. Hold your revolutionary horses.

For now, you will be served another dose of foreshadowing. It was at the Franklin Avenue Open Streets event that I became acquainted with Cecelia. Cecelia is an Ojibwe elder whose story of fortitude will be revealed in the September issue of this paper.

The end stage?

Bags of money won’t save the souls of “patriotic” militias who bow before billionaires. The belief that we are experiencing the “end stage of capitalism” is spreading like wildfire among the nation’s youth. We are told that public ownership of the main means of production is the inevitable consequence. However, at the age of almost 72 years, I might not live to see it. Indeed, one must have “revolutionary patience!”

Yet we continue to hear youthful speeches which denounce even a degree of unity with Democrats, though the definition of fascism is as follows: open terroristic dictatorship of the most racist, chauvinistic, imperialistic section of finance capital. So, dear neighbors, we must continue to deploy the “Popular Front”, even as we speak openly about the necessity of a fundamental transformation.

Workers and Oppressed Peoples Unite…

Responding to the call of CAIR Minnesota, I recently returned from a board meeting of Castle Rock Township (!) in Dakota County. After many years of struggle, the vision for the largest Muslim cemetery in Minnesota has been approved. Several White Christians among us held signs which read: WE SUPPORT AL MAGFIRAH CEMETARY and HATE HAS NO PLACE IN OUR COMMUNITY. Solidarity has repaired the property damage done by vandals.

Struggle, study, struggle, study…

Three of us from the hood here recently returned from the Poor People’s March in Washington D.C. The Red Banner shown bright upon the Sea of Liberation Theology. The ‘divine right of kings’ is long gone. The ‘prosperity gospel’ espoused by capitalists is bound to follow.

So, the answer to the quiz question is what?

Actually, banking and healthcare are high on the list, but Minnesota’s eye is on Cargill and General Mills. Why is this so? Well, stabilization of the price of agricultural commodities will speed the transition to regenerative agriculture. Sadly, our nation’s top soil is dead and largely gone, and chemicals are finite and continue to wash away. So, let’s work together to save our country, okay?

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