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Wednesday June 12th 2024

Breaking News: Nokba, 1948

Raise Your Voice: November 2023


A picture of the author with a black face mask reading 'Solidarity'
Peter Molenaar

Al Nokba (the disaster) was the beginning of the settler invasion which drove Palestinians from the long established gardens which sustained their spirit. Hey, it was not so long ago that I conversed with a young Palestinian at the Cedar Food & Grill (the corner grocery which serves Little Earth). Bulldozers had flattened his family’s lemon groves… all in the name of Hitler’s ghost. Hence, the Gaza Concentration Camp has confined over two million people.

Breaking News: October 7, 2023…
It was closing time when I descended the stairs to the space called Mayday Books. (Note: this West Bank address has always been within the territory of the alley news.) Craig and Patrick immediately brought me up to speed. What was Hamas thinking? Yet another disaster was sure to unfold.
Indeed, the biblical dilemma between “do unto others…” and an “eye for an eye” was manifesting, even as Israeli bombs obliterated whole families while they attempted to flee. The world will now remember a forgotten people.

A demonstration for a free Palestine held in Minneapolis this month. PHOTO: Rebecca Pera

Dakota War, 1862…
Confined and deprived within a narrow strip of land along the Minnesota River, they rebelled against the odds. When put down, they were further concentrated at Fort Snelling prior to the expulsion. (Note: presently, the Historical Society maintains the homestead of my German ancestors, located on the south bank of the river.)

Going Forward…
Among the indigenous voices this community is privileged to embrace is the noted academician Nick Estes. All those seeking a deeper connection with the moral universe are urged to check out Nick’s podcast: A Nightmare and a Dream: Palestinians Rise Up with Ali Abunimah on YouTube.

Peter Molenaar advocates a broad united-front, even as he describes socialism as the future solution.

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