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Wednesday June 12th 2024

‘Poetry’ Archives

Jazz and Poetry Return
to the Historic Pioneers and Soldiers Memorial Cemetery

By PATRICK CABELLO HANSEL On Saturday, June 29 at 2 pm, the 4th Annual Poetry and Jazz in the Holy Ground returns to the historic Pioneers and Soldiers Cemetery in south Minneapolis. The event will feature a jazz duo of Larry McDonough on keyboards and Richard Terrill on saxophone.This year, the event will also include the launch of the poetry chapbook “THE NATIONS UNDERGROUND: Writing With Our Ancestors,” featuring over a dozen area poets who have written poems to or from their ancestors. Poets will read from the chapbook, along with featured poets Margaret Hasse, Patrick Cabello Hansel and Dralandra Larkins. There will also be a hands-on lantern making workshop led by local artists from the Semilla Center for Healing and the Arts.“The desire to connect with our ancestors is as ancient as human history itself,” says chapbook editor Patrick Cabello Hansel. “Human beings consider cemeteries to be holy ground, where those who have gone are still present. The poems in [...]

New CHAPBOOK Seeking Submissions of Poetry

New CHAPBOOK Seeking Submissions of Poetry

ILLUSTRATION: Jake Ryan Don’t we think about our ancestors a lot? Where they came from, how they struggled and triumphed, what they would say to our world today? Our community knows the power of ancestors: from visits to the historic Pioneer and Soldiers Memorial Cemetery to Day of the Dead celebrations to streetside memorials at places of tragic deaths. “Writing With Our Ancestors” is a chapbook* focused on poems written to ancestors or from ancestors in their voice. It will be published in the summer, and submissions are now open. Poems should be no longer than 40 lines, and can be written in any style. Poets of any level are encouraged to submit. The only requirement is that they be poems written to ancestors or from ancestors in their voice. Poems about ancestors will not be accepted. Editors of the chapbook are Patrick Cabello Hansel, the author of three books of poetry including “Breathing in Minneapolis,” and Dralandra Larkins, an award-winning spoken word [...]

Even though you can’t see us, we never left

By MARCIE RENDON From Bdote rise Wic’ahpi OyateFrom the sky to the waters, the Star people riseFrom the birthplace of the people38 plus 2, their spirits ride September 22, 1862 Emancipation Proclamation ‘on this day…all people held as slaves Shall be free…’ December 26, 1862 ‘Anxious to not act with so much clemency… nor with so much severity as to be real cruelty… I ordered…’ 38 plus 2 Dakota hungFrom Mississippi Bluffs to Bde Maka SkaTheir warrior spirit’s rideAt Cloud Man’s Village, restTheir people exiledto the prairies of the west38 plus 2, their spirits rideEast to west, now back again In plain sight, in exileGreat-great-grandsons, soul weary, sit in Denny’sbrush black strands of hairOff foreheads lined with prison worryThey don’t let on they can hear38 plus 2, horse hooves clackJourneying east to westGreat-great-granddaughters from Little EarthPush [...]

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