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Friday July 19th 2024

Posts Tagged ‘Mark Dayton’

High Heat

By Peter Molenaar The weather we”'ve endured recently has produced the oft heard comment: “It”'s not the heat, it”'s the humidity”. Well, OK. Let”'s bear in mind, however, that temperature is a measurement of how energetically molecules are vibrating. Note: In the desert we feel comfortable even at relatively elevated temperatures. Why? Dry air is less dense, i.e. has fewer molecules vibrating against the skin and so manifests less “heat”. Conversely, humid air manifests more heat. So then, its not the humidity, it”'s the heat (more heat). Right? (more…)

Two Faces

By Peter Molenaar I must be loosing it.  Damn rabbit ears”¦maybe this way”¦no, nothing.  What is up with this new thin screen HD television?  No more political attack ads?  Arrghh. Seriously, many of these ads have the effect of splashing acid on the opponent”'s face.  An ugly caricature is created.  T.P.- G.O.P. types appear to be more proficient in the art. The series of ads produced by Mark Dayton”'s people were more positive.  They included visual-bites of an industrial scenario set at Smith Foundry (located in East Phillips).  My co-workers are now dubbed “movie-stars” by the Teamsters Union! (more…)

Pull Together

By Peter Molenaar Given the unprecedented economic, political and military power of the U.S. ruling class, it may seem like a pipedream to believe that we “ordinary” folks can advance socially even by small increments. But when the foundations of this colossal power are examined, definite weaknesses are revealed. First, the system of corporate-capitalism is malfunctioning big time. Witness: the Wall Street meltdown, massive unemployment, stagnant wages, fruitless wars, and the developing life-threatening environmental crisis. Second, only 1% of the population now owns over half of all stocks and bonds and the richest 5% holds 60% of all our country”'s wealth. In reality, there are a few thousand families with hundreds of billions in assets who control the main financial, manufacturing, extraction, media, communications, transport, aerospace and real estate corporations. Clearly, the wealth behind the power is concentrated in the hands of an extremely tiny [...]

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