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Monday May 20th 2024

Two Faces

By Peter Molenaar

I must be loosing it.  Damn rabbit ears”¦maybe this way”¦no, nothing.  What is up with this new thin screen HD television?  No more political attack ads?  Arrghh.

Seriously, many of these ads have the effect of splashing acid on the opponent”'s face.  An ugly caricature is created.  T.P.- G.O.P. types appear to be more proficient in the art.

The series of ads produced by Mark Dayton”'s people were more positive.  They included visual-bites of an industrial scenario set at Smith Foundry (located in East Phillips).  My co-workers are now dubbed “movie-stars” by the Teamsters Union!

In fact, it was Organized Labor which, in no small measure, boosted the slogan “Tax the Rich”.  Notably as well, Labor supported the candidate who had prominently opposed war on Iraq.

Meanwhile, “ultra-lefts” have again combined with “sectarian-reformists” to demean our participation in the “two-party system”.  “There is no fundamental difference between the two parties” they inform us. (OMG, they are both parties of capitalism.)  Is it not ironic that certain elements of these sectarians maintain the posture that a vote for them actually would produce something on the order of “fundamental change” (without changing a thing with regard to the domination of capital!)?

So, what is a class-conscious worker to think?

First, our third-party enthusiasts appear to be a tad overly self-charmed.  Second, we  agree that fundamental change (i.e. socialism) cannot be secured without expelling the capitalists from governance.  Yes, but what”¦?  Third, as between a workers”' revolution on the one hand and fascist dictatorship on the other, we just recently stepped closer to fascism.  Fourth, the economy remains unstable”¦

It follows that we reveal two faces at once.  The Democratic Party appears as the vehicle of our “Popular-Front” even as we light a path to the future beyond.

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