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Wednesday June 12th 2024

High Heat

By Peter Molenaar

The weather we”'ve endured recently has produced the oft heard comment: “It”'s not the heat, it”'s the humidity”. Well, OK. Let”'s bear in mind, however, that temperature is a measurement of how energetically molecules are vibrating. Note: In the desert we feel comfortable even at relatively elevated temperatures. Why? Dry air is less dense, i.e. has fewer molecules vibrating against the skin and so manifests less “heat”. Conversely, humid air manifests more heat. So then, its not the humidity, it”'s the heat (more heat). Right?

The question is then: Did “we the people” bring forth enough “street heat” during the state budget battle? In fairness, there were a number of admirable mobilizations. But where was Governor Dayton”'s call for one massive expression of the people”'s will? We in fact witnessed numerous fragmented demonstrations while the governor negotiated behind closed doors. The result was a sad compromise and a missed opportunity to set an historic example.

Cry and scream”¦

Mustn”'t tax the rich during a recession”¦we need their savvy investments to create jobs. Oh, yeah. Build a factory, hire some people, produce something, bring it on please. Unfortunately, us “masses” presently lack the purchasing power to revive “the dream.”

So just get religion”¦

“Our” Michelle Bachmann has emerged as a “hawk” who would beef up security for overseas investments even while gutting “costly” people-serving programs. Government interventions meant to restore stability and alleviate suffering are merely medicines for temporary cures, which ultimately become poison, “they” tell us.

On the other hand, Marxists remind us that democracy will be blunted as long as “they the rich” own the means of production. But what to do? For starters, the struggle for democratic rights (including incremental “tweaks”) must be expanded and intensified.

As for the proper slogan: “Raise the Humidity” really does not cut it. “Bring on the Heat” is, I think, much better.

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