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Why Phillips? Why Care?

By James Brewer Stewart Why is the Phillips Neighborhood named Phillips?”“Who was “Phillips”?”“Why should anyone care? Simply because this “Phillips” stands for a real person”“Wendell Phillips”“one of the world”'s most admired fighters for human rights and for equality for everybody”“ No Exceptions”“women and men, young and old, all colors, all backgrounds, all cultures.. That”'s right””“Phillips” stands for racial and gender equality, workers”' rights and social justice. It means standing strong for personal dignity. It means looking to the future with eyes full of hope. It means exposing and condemning racism, sexism and economic exploitation. It means treating everyone with respect. How perfect a name for Minneapolis”'s most culturally diverse, most heavily discriminated against, most economically exploited neighborhood! How perfect a name for the endlessly resourceful, ambitious, hard working people who make Phillips their home. O.K., who was this guy? (more…)

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