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Sunday May 19th 2024

Tell your story

by Harvey Winje, Editor

Children worldwide have said, “tell me a story” in all languages for centuries. Don Hewitt used those words explaining his success as the Emmy Award winning creator of 60 Minutes. People”'stories were a main source for A People”'s History of the United States by Howard Zinn. Studs Terkel was another preeminent master of recording stories. He said “curiosity didn”'t kill this cat” as he explained his life time of interviewing people.

These men died in the last two years. With their deaths, we lost three giant chroniclers of people”'s stories. Fortunately, their example and legacy has been continued and taken further by others still recording the lives of common people.

The Alley Newspaper is pleased to present the superb portraits entwined with stories by photojournalist John Noltner as a preview of a much larger collection to be displayed at Midtown Global Market beginning from Sept. 21st to Oct. 24th. John Noltner is one of those people moving the mission of Hewitt, Zinn, and Terkel into the future.

Every page of this issue exemplifies storytelling by other people, too. Enjoy, learn, and be inspired by these stories. We invite you to take your place and Tell Your Story.

The Alley Newspaper remains available to you so you may tell your stories and express your opinions to one another. Please call 612-990-4022 or e-mail to find out more about having your story appear in The Alley Newspaper.

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