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Saturday March 2nd 2024

One special idea! “The Old Ones Guild”

photo by Liz Welch

photo by Liz Welch

One special idea:  Be part of a support  “Guild” for the MayDay Ceremony ritual puppets. There are certain puppets used every year for the MayDay Ceremony in Powderhorn Park: the Tree-of-Life, the Sun Flotilla, the Woods, the Prairie, The Sky, and the River. There are already “guilds” of people that care for the Tree-of- Life and the Sun Flotilla. These teams not only tend to the repair and assembly of these puppets, but also the enactment of these puppets in the Ceremony. I am looking for teams of people who would do the same for the “Old Ones””” the 4 big puppets of The Sky, The Woods, The Prairie, and The River.

Many of you may know Jim Koplin and the immense volunteer support he gave our theatre. Many of you may also know he died unexpectedly in December, leaving an immense hole in our hearts. One of the many things Jim did was take care of “The Old Ones.” I am looking for people to pick up Jim”'s torch in his honor. If you are interested, please talk with me.

Thank you, Sandy

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