Tuesday July 5th 2022

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On Entering the Twilight Zone


Peter Molenaar

Sales of color televisions began in 1954, but it was not until September of 1961 that the premiere of Walt Disney”™s World of Color persuaded consumers to purchase color televisions. Having entered the realm of consciousness prior to ”™61, “baby boomers” like me now imbibe black and white reruns as a type of “food for the soul”. Indeed, we have existed long enough to relive The Twilight Zone.

“The Twilight Zone is a place that exists at any moment of Time, of space or of mind”¦ but always  when you least expect it. When you find yourself in this realm of unlimited possibility, be careful what you say or do. The right decisions may help you find your way back out”¦”

Sunday, April 11, 2021”¦

Fading after a long day, before turning in I became aware that Daunte Wright had been killed. With apologies to the family, I will state that my arthritis was earned at Smith Foundry, here in South Minneapolis. Which is to say: I am no longer a foot soldier in the people”™s movement. Okay?

Next day”¦

Yet, committed to the belief that “hope is alive”, I returned to the drawing board. My vertical-axis-wind-harvester will eventually desalinate sea water”¦ irrigate deserts”¦ help avert climate catastrophe”¦ after all, our youthful multi-racial activists will tend to Daunte”™s memory. But then at day”™s end, unaware of the curfew, I drove to Cub Foods. The parking lot was empty.

You are now entering”¦

Once upon a time, in broad daylight, I was driving on Lake Street with one headlight out. Fortunately, when pulled over by the police, my very intense ”˜fight or flight”™ impulse was overruled by the superego: sit still, Dutch/Scandinavian one, and you very likely will survive. Tragically, Daunte”™s legitimate instincts deprived him of that particular white privilege.


In the aftermath of mass murders, Trump consulted his troops: “should I tone it down?”. “No, no, no”, they implored”¦ “taser, taser taser”, she said. Yes, she knew of prior events where other tasers seemingly magically transformed to kill… resulting in mere reprimands for “accidental” occurrences. Conceivably then, there was opportunity, motive, and premeditation.

“We share the torment of the damned.” So reads a headline in the April 2021 issue of Southside Pride. Actually, we have a few elders in this neighborhood who threw a few stones in their youth. Perhaps we should meet before checking out. We are on the cusp of transition to socialism, are we not?

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