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Sunday June 23rd 2024

A Walk in the Park


As I walk the trail around the park I hear the scrape of the jump rope and patter of feet on the ground. The children giggle as they take turns jumping, in an attempt to have the most consecutive jumps without tiring or becoming entangled in the ropes.
I hear the bouncing of a ball on the basketball court. I see the ball tossed towards the rim, but it did not make it through the hoop. The sound reverberates as the ball bounces off the backboard. A crowd is gathering to watch the game. The leaves rustle as the wind gently gently caresses them. Birds are chirping and ducks are quacking in the pond. Light taps can be heard from the fountain of water springing forth in the middle of the pond.
As I round the curve on the trail, I hear the ever so occasional airplane pass by overhead. A dog barks and the owner jogs along the trail with their furry friend.
Children squeal with glee as they roll down the hill amongst the dandelions. There is another swift breeze of wind, rustling the leaves in the trees as I reach my destination. I turn around, and see all the activity in the park and breathe a sigh of relief.
Life is good!

About Danette: I am the former Board Chair of the Phillips West Neighborhood Association. I love this community, and I am lucky enough to be able to work within walking distance of home. I have worked here at Ebenezer Park Apartments for the past seven years. I write what I see. And I see a strong, vibrant community coming together everyday to support those around us.

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