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Something I Said- Dec. ’23

Victimizing Incarcerated Women


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Dwight Hobbes

On a whim, I signed up at a pen pal service for women in prison. And caught wind of something that stinks to high hell. These gals have done the crime and, accordingly are doing the time. Fine. That’s one thing. It’s altogether another, now that they’re hemmed up, for prisons to exploit them for what little money (it’s chump change) they earn inside and, into the bargain, arbitrarily abuse and abridge whatever liberties these women have left. For obvious reasons – one being to protect individuals from retaliation, the other being to protect the paper from liability – I’m not naming names or particular prisons. But complaints have reached me and you can look it up that every word here is researched.
For instance, at the pen pal site for a person locked up in California, it is listed what she can and cannot receive: stamps – (no), gifts – (yes, stationery, etc., but must be shipped from the store), clothing – (no), books – (yes, must be shipped from publisher or bookstore), cigarettes – (no). In this economic day and age, who realistically can go to the expense of buying someone a book and then, instead of footing the freight for publisher or retail outlet – if that establishment is willing – to turn around and pay UPS or the post office to see to it gets where it’s going.… Read the rest “Something I Said- Dec. ’23”

Midtown Phillips/EPIC – Dec. ’23

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Metro Transit – Dec. ’23


The next Metro Transit and Minnesota Valley Transit Authority service changes are coming Saturday, 2 December 2023. Watch for the following changes which affect the Phillips neighborhood:
Routes 9 and 67 will have minor schedule adjustments to accommodate routing changes.
Route 21 will run to Saint Paul every 15 minutes instead of every half hour, from 6:30 AM to 9:30 PM. It will also not serve the Uptown Transit Center because of construction, instead it will go via Lake Street and Lagoon Avenue to France Avenue. This is like the planned route for the B Line Bus Rapid Transit, expected to be coming in June 2025.
Route 467 will have minor schedule changes to reflect actual travel times.
Route 465 (MVTA) will have an additional trip northbound from Burnsville at 9:20 AM because of high ridership to the University of Minnesota near that time.
Just a reminder: Metro Transit and MVTA typically run Saturday schedules on most routes, with a few exceptions, on Black Friday and Christmas Eve. They have also occasionally run reduced schedules on New Year’s Eve. This year, there may not be any reductions for Christmas and New Year’s Eves, since Christmas and New Year’s Days are on Mondays, however it makes sense to stay aware.… Read the rest “Metro Transit – Dec. ’23”

Peace House Community – Dec. ’23

Learn from the Ants


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Marti Maltby

As a kid, I used to be fascinated by anthills. I constantly wondered how animals with such tiny brains and no obvious ways of communicating on a large scale could create such a complex society. It wasn’t until I grew old enough for deep theological reflection that I realized my view of the ants was probably about the same as God’s view of us. If I looked down on the Twin Cities from ten miles up, I’d see a lot of little beings with limited intelligence and no obvious leader running into each other, but somehow managing to survive.
Obviously, there are some differences between me and God, so the analogy doesn’t really work. God created us and is all-knowing, and has the power to guide the course of history, so if He (or She or Them or It, depending on your beliefs) wants us to survive, He/She/They/It can help us out. That thought comforts me, because I don’t have any faith we would survive long on our own. We’ve shown we’re good at solving specific problems of logic and engineering, but in terms of actual wisdom, we haven’t advanced much since our knuckle-dragging, club-toting, raw-meat-eating ancestors were on the scene.… Read the rest “Peace House Community – Dec. ’23”

December ’23 Events

Ilays Exhibition by Hafza Studio
Soomaal House of Art
Through December 16th
2200 Minnehaha Avenue

Immerse yourself in Contemporary Somali Textiles at Soomaal House of Art through December.

Experience a vibrant journey into the captivating world of Somali textiles! London-based designer Hafza Studio is coming to Minnesota for a one-of-a-kind exhibition featuring her new collection, Ilays, which beautifully translates to light in Somali. Hafza draws on her Somali heritage to create unique textile designs and prints that harmonize tradition and modernity, creating visually striking and culturally significant artwork. Gallery hours are Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday, 11am – 5pm.

Aabijijiwan / Ukeyat yanalleh
Through January 13
All My Relations Arts
1414 E Franklin Avenue

All My Relations Arts presents Aabijijiwan / Ukeyat yanalleh, a collaborative multimedia exhibition reflecting on the Misi-zibi (Big River, Ojibwe) by artists Karen Goulet and Monique Verdin. Gallery hours at

Creative Expression Sessions:
Theater Workshops Tailored for Unhoused Individuals
Through December 19
Downtown Minneapolis Central Library
300 Nicollet Mall

zAmya Theater Project announces its fall session of weekly drop-in theater workshops for individuals looking to learn about performance, working together, and creative play. People who have experienced housing instability are especially encouraged to attend.… Read the rest “December ’23 Events”

Ventura Village – Dec. ’23

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